Becoming An Attorney

Career Move For Attorney?

If someone loves studying family law and has a passion for people, they may want to consider becoming an attorney. This career move takes a lot commitment, with all the education and costs involved, while working towards your goal. There may be some things to consider before making such a life changing choice, but if it is the right career for you, it can be achieved with hard work.

There are many qualities a good lawyer should have. They must be able to actively listen and be great at persuasion. One of the aspects of being a lawyer is to be able to hear what the client really needs done, and figure out ways to make that happen. Lawyers should also be great speakers. They will spend a lot of time speaking with witnesses, judges, and jurors. They also have to be able to read body language well, while being able to pick out the right jurors and decide which witnesses to use for their cases. Writing, quick thinking, and negotiation are also must-have skills for this legal profession.

If you think you have the skills that it takes to become a successful lawyer, you need to go on to getting your undergraduate degree. The major that you take for getting this degree usually does not matter, but you should make sure it is something that you can maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher. If you are wanting to go into property law, however, you should have a major in mathematics or technical science. Property lawyers not only have to take the bar, but they also have to take the patent bar, which requires a degree in these two subjects. You should also use this time in school to add to your networking list. Professors and other lawyers that you meet throughout your educational career can come in handy for future job prospects.

Once you have your undergraduate degree, you need to take the LSAT. This test is extremely important in determining what schools will accept you, and may even be a factor in your financial aid. After you have taken this test, you go onto furthering your education even more. You can usually find lower level jobs or internships in the field while you are still taking classes. This will help further your chances of having secured a job after graduation. Before you can become a licensed lawyer, you have to sit through the bar exam. This can be retaken, but it is always a sigh of relief if you can pass it the first time. After you have spent years of hard work studying and preparing for your career, you are finally able to live the dream you have worked so hard for. This can be one of the most rewarding parts of your life.

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