Misdiagnosis, although assumed to be a fairly common occurrence, is hard to track statistically because of the broad range of people, healthcare providers, and illnesses it covers. Some misdiagnoses may be minor and cause no harm to the patient at all, whereas other misdiagnoses can easily result in permanent injury or even death. This is particularly common in cancer cases or cases involving uncommon diseases.

A doctor or medical care professional has the burden and obligation of not only treating you for your injuries or illnesses, but for taking enough time to identify what your symptoms mean and to research or request testing to determine what illness or disease you may have. When a medical professional does not fulfill his or her obligation to you and you are injured as a result, you can contact a medical malpractice lawyer and file a personal injury claim to get compensation for your injuries and suffering.

Legion Counsel is committed to helping you with your misdiagnosis claim. Let Legion Counsel help you find the best qualified attorney to handle your claim. We believe that you should receive just compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured, and the attorneys we recommend will work hard to successfully represent you in court. By moving your claim along as quickly as possible, you can be compensated and become free to move on with your life.