Radiation Malpractice

We are interested in helping you with your radiation medical malpractice case. If you or a loved one has suffered injury or illness as the result of a doctor, hospital staff, or medical center’s negligent conduct or due to an error, you may be able to receive compensation for those injuries and the losses you suffered as a result. Let Legion Counsel help you find the best qualified attorney to handle your claim.

Radiation therapy is an intense treatment provided to many cancer patients who have malignant tumors (tumors which are likely to spread.) Radiation can be applied to a concentrated area of the body to help reduce the growth-rate of a tumor. If radiation is applied incorrectly or improperly, such as in the wrong amount or to the wrong part of the body, it can cause severe injury to a patient.

Radiation malpractice causes two main effects:

  • Incorporation – this occurs when a cancer patient’s body (tissue, cells, and organs) absorbs the radiation.
  • Contamination – when a cancer patient is improperly exposed to radiation, his or her skin can become contaminated and radiation may be deposited inside the body.

Radiation Malpractice in Dallas

Radiation malpractice in Dallas, although an uncommon form of medical malpractice, can lead to disastrous results for the victim. Not only are contamination and incorporation extremely painful, they can be life-threatening. Dealing with cancer is already difficult; having to deal with the negligence of a doctor or medical professional is too much to bear.